Hand Lettering Step by Step and Why I Love This Book

We see beautiful scripty fonts everywhere we turn these days, and while I love these graphic expressions as much as the next gal, I also find it incredibly satisfying to create pretty letterforms with my own hand. A new book by Kathy Glynn offers lots of handy tips and tricks for not only creating artful hand lettering but numerous projects you can create as great excuses to practice.

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Tonia Jenny
Can #[number]daysof[something] Improve Your Life?

I'm by no means a #[number]daysof[something] professional, but I have participated in a few and I've even surprised myself at how fulfilling they can be AND that I actually have it in me to complete them! In this quick post, I share with you the benefits of the #[number]daysof[something] challenge in hopes you'll give the next one that calls to you—in even some small way—a chance.

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