Is Your New Year Full of Possibility?


For the past month or so, I have been thinking, breathing and embodying the concept of possibility. I’ve grown tired of repeating certain patterns and experiences in my life and I’m making a sincere effort of adopting a new line of thinking—to remind myself again and again that in addition to coming from a place absent of love, every fear, worry and place of suffering comes from basing thoughts on what I know to have happened in the past. It’s just what a brain naturally does because to the ego, going about anything differently is a bad idea; to the ego, all change inevitably invites death. Luckily, you and I—our Inner Selves—are wiser than our egos. We have the ability to wake up and remember that everything is completely new in the present moment and anything is possible. Anything. 

Break Free of What's Familiar

When we are so accustomed to assuming we know what is going to happen on any given day and at any given hour, remaining open to possibility can leave us skeptical. It can be hard to put our trust into happy surprises coming our way because we fear we’ll be disappointed, and then we are, and the cycle continues. But why should we assume things ever need be exactly as they have been in the past? The future is unwritten. Events and patterns repeat because we will them to repeat—most often unconsciously—and we become comfortable with the familiar.

Invite In the Possibility of the New and Unexpected

I’m ready for many parts of my routine to be different; to be upgraded; to be beautifully extra-ordinary. To do this, I knew I needed to be able to expand my idea of possibility. I needed to think much bigger and not just occasionally when inspiration hit me, but daily—preferably several times a day.

The 50-Possibilities Practice

I began an early-morning exercise that I would play around with while still in bed, during the time when my rational-self isn’t fully awake yet, and here’s what I did (and am still doing each morning). I made an effort to come up with fifty possible (good) things that I could experience in my day to come. I included anything I could come up with, big or small, serious or silly. For example: I will discover a new way to wear something in my closet or I’ll discover a new book I need to read or ten new people will subscribe to my newsletter list or someone I admire will contact me with an idea for collaboration. And the things I came up with ranged from even simpler things to things of much bigger magnitude. The first couple days I tried it, I couldn’t come up with fifty, but more like twenty or thirty. It’s gotten easier over time, especially since I often repeat possibilities from one day to the next.

From day one, I’m delighted to tell you, many things that I put on my “50-Possibilities” list have happened. It’s been enough to feed my soul and make me want to keep doing the practice. We know that the first step toward creating anything we desire in life is to think it. So rather than continuing to live in mediocrity, dialed down from the magnificent experiences we long for, let’s THINK BIG and embrace the notion that anything IS possible! The practice of being open in this way can be revisited at any time, on any day—that’s its nature after all!—and heading into a new year makes it all the more fun in my mind; would you agree?

8 Points of Possibility

Let’s contemplate all of the possible things that can happen for us in 2018. I know thinking big is a muscle that may have atrophied a bit and could use some stretching and warming up, so I created a little worksheet for us that takes into account eight areas of life that hold incredible potential for us. These will look familiar if you saw the Life Balance Mandala project I posted not too long ago. 

If sharing a part of yourself with the world through the process of writing a book is a possibility that ends up on your list, you might be interested in a new course I’ve created called Discover the Book Within You. It officially opens for enrollment on January 8, but just prior to that, I’ll be sending out a special offer to folks on my newsletter list, so sign up (below) if this interests you. I’d love to hear what other possibilities you’re open to for 2018. Feel free to share in the comments or drop me a line; I love getting mail! 

Here’s to any and all of the possibilities that will bring us joy in the new year! XO