Introducing a Less-Painful Process for Saying How Amazing You Are


Today I am so excited to share with you a new offering! I have put together a process for you that will make writing your artist's mission statement less painful and perhaps even a bit fun! I'm calling this the Why of You Kit and I hope it's useful to you for finally being able to put into words how wonderful you are and how inspiring your work is.

What is the importance of an Artist’s Mission Statement?

An artist’s mission statement tells those seeking to know more about you why you create what you do or why you encourage creativity in others. In addition, it provides a glimpse into your unique style of art, your philosophy on art’s importance in our culture and how you hope to contribute to the world through your creativity. 

Having this type of statement shares your purpose for being an artist on our planet—what an empowering thing to revisit on days you’re feeling lost, alone and unseen (like most artists do from time to time!). You are a unique blend of values, passions, experience and philosophical beliefs. Your statement should offer a snapshot of what sets you and your work apart. 

Does that sound like a tall order to fill? And would you rather sit and watch paint dry than attempt to write anything about yourself?

Enter the Why Of You Kit: A Painless Process for Sharing What You’re All About! I created this process as a series of questions that get you right to the essence of the things you’d include if you only knew what they were. I know you can answer questions and these questions are straightforward yet they prompt you to share information that’s thought-provoking and insightful. 

Included in the Kit

  • A format to create well-rounded content. Your statement will not only speak to what you make, it will be much richer than that. I’m guiding you through five important elements: philosophy, values, work, message/service and a call to action.
  • Questions from different angles for each element so you have choices for your final statement.
  • A bonus exercise for determining your top five core values.
  • Love and encouragement because I want you to own your awesomeness!

If this sounds like the tool you’ve been looking for to finally create a statement you can wear with pride, give it a try and let me know how it goes! Xoxo