Can You Publish an Inspiring Book When You Can't Write Well?


You May Not Be a Writer, but You ARE a Messenger

If you’ve resisted writing a book that will inspire others because you’re not a Writer, it’s time to stop denying those who need you. Don’t think of your task so much as writing a book; think of it as sharing a message because that's exactly what it is and you're fully capable of that. 

What else will publishing a book require? Well, expertise in "some area," of course, be it making art, crafting jewelry, making beautiful things for the home from recycled items, encouraging a new creativity-time-management system or any other of a gazillion possibilities. The other things that are required: commitment and passion and . . . yes, at least some small level of writing ability. Let's explore each just a little bit. 

Art-Making Know-How

If you're reading this blog, changes are enormous that you're a highly creative being. If you're feeling called to publish a book that's a reflection of your creative prowess, chances are very good that there is an art-making process (quite possibly more than one) you have perfected. You love it and you've spent a ton of time doing it and you are well qualified to teach this to others.


Publishing a book is not as difficult as many imagine, but it does require a bit of clarity on why you want to undertake the task in the first place and a certain level of commitment. Publishing a book is going to require a decent amount of hours set aside to complete. It's a chance to share your very best with the world and creating the best possible work for publication can't be hurried because you're tired at the end of a workday. It requires dedication to organizing your ideas and being able to see how it will come together. The entire process from start to finish is not incredibly difficult, but you should be committed to seeing it through. If you're truly excited about it, this usually comes naturally. :-)


The most powerful element in your book will not be your writing skills; the most powerful element will be your passion and I'm guessing if you have an idea for a book, you're full of passion for the topic already. You are passionate about something you know how to create or about creativity in general and you're just longing to share what you know with others because you know it will bring joy or comfort to them the way it has for you. Right?

Writing Ability

That leaves us with writing. Remember above when I mentioned "some small level of writing ability" is required? If you work with an editor—particularly one that specializes in art/craft books—you will have a partner who is used to working with authors for whom writing is not their best skill. But while you don't need to be a great writer, you will need to be able to get your ideas across in words—however rough that may be. It's not required that you're a great speller or that you know many grammar rules or even that you can craft an eloquent sentence; only that you can communicate the particulars about your craft using a language you and your editor both speak. If we work together, I will see to it you sound as smart and capable as you really are and will stay true to your voice. It will be our little secret. xo


Please don't let doubts about your writing skills keep you from sharing your message of inspiration with those who are waiting for it to improve their lives.