Just Soften - I

Just Soften - I


“Just Soften.” That is what I say to myself when I notice my perspective is off and I am taking every instance of my life way too seriously. I know then that it’s time to pause and ground myself and meditation and prayer helps me do that more than anything.

This soy candle is scented with calming evergreen blended with uplifting orange. I made a special places for you to further your prayer or meditative experience with a spring of flower that makes you smile and a cozy spot to hold a piece of Rose Quartz that you can fondle in your hand as part of your intention to shift your perspective.

Rose Quartz is perfect for learning unconditional love for the self. It’s also said to be good for letting go of anger and frustration; offering self-esteem in the balance.

Note: This candle includes the Rose Quartz rock, but NOT the FLOWER (unless you really want it. Given it’s plastic, I imagine you can do better). :-)

Just Soften - I is 5” l x 3-3/4” w x 3” h.

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