Tonia Jenny

let's explore what you long to share with the world because It needs your unique brand of inspiration.

Coaching Services

You are amazing. You have so much to give; can you sense that we need your unique brand of inspiration? Whether you're trying to figure out what book to write, how to brand yourself authentically or how to get clear on your life purpose, I'd be honored if you let me explore the answers that already exist inside you. We can visit over the phone  or  video messaging, or we  can explore your desired topic through e-mail for a fit that feels best for you.


Scheduled phone or video visits $60/hr

My complete attention and devotion in real time. Schedule a single call for clarity on an issue that you'd love some support with, or sign up for a block of visits (discounted) and we'll create real change together.

I received my accredited training from International Coach Academy (ICA) and graduated from the Advanced program. (I'm also simply a good listener.)

Life Letters (e-mail coaching) $50/month

Thoughtful guidance at a relaxed pace. 

  • Includes 5 e-mails over the course of one month. I pour a lot of thought (and love) into my responses to each one of your messages.

  • Flexibility - because it's e-mail, you are free to connect with me when the timing is right for you—anytime of day or night.

  • Comfort level - many find it easier to express themselves in writing and with time to compose thoughts . . . well, thoughtfully.

  • Affordability - a wonderful option for smaller budgets or for trying coaching for the first time.

  • Reference - you will have a record of what we talked about.


Below, share with me more about how I can support you, or ask me any questions you might have about the coaching process. 

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