Circles of watercolor become opportunities to practice new techniques combining washes with lines of finer detail.


A Sampler of Circles


"I can't paint (or draw) a straight line."

"I don't 'do' watercolor; it's way too fussy for me."

"I can't measure anything accurately to save my life."

I hear statements such as this all of the time. The simple fact is: to draw a straight line; to become comfortable with watercolor; to use measurements as a tool; all these things are quite doable for nearly anyone . . . with practice. 

Practice. Find a way to make practice fun and you'll actually want to do it regularly!

Sampler of Circles sets up for you the perfect scenario: You get to practice new techniques AND create attractive works of art in the process. 

Since the 14th century, samplers have served as reference works for trials of patterns and various techniques that could be used to replicated the results in future, more elaborate works, not so dissimilar to our current art journals—a place we practice and try out new art techniques and ideas.

So by bringing together repetition (practice) and the sampler (trying out new things), my hope is that I can encourage you to take this approach in other creative directions you'd like to pursue. But let's start here, with circles, watercolor and simple but fine details. Ready?? Let's go!






        Moon Bowls

        $15 - AVAILABLE NOW

        In this tactile course, I teach you how to use air-dry clay to create beautiful bowls that have the look of fired clay when you're finished. While you can use your finished bowls for any purpose you choose, my thought was that these would be perfect for holding New-Moon intentions! So, as a bonus, after I show you how to make the bowls, I include a super-quick overview of the properties of each of the eight lunar phases and how they relate to your intentions—yay!

        After you see how easy and rewarding making these bowls really is, you're going to make a ton of them; I know it!