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Tonia Jenny

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For over a decade, I have been supporting artists in sharing their messages of inspiration.

Whether you wish to self-publish a book of poems or a guide to creating beautiful works of art; to create a powerful proposal to pitch your idea to a publisher or you'd love support in writing copy for your website or creative products, I want to help you share it. Because someone, somewhere out there is in need of your unique message of inspiration and hope. Let's make it available to them.



Kind words

Tonia Jenny is an amazing combination of smart, tactful, reader-focused, and encouraging. She worked with me on two books published by North Light, and her editorial advice kept the books in-depth and accessible to the target audience. 

She treated me as a subject matter expert, and always inspired me to create my best work. Her honesty kept me from making mistakes that her experience noticed, and I (as the writer) could not.

Tonia is a quiet, powerful editor and designer. She would be my first choice to help launch any book.
— Quinn McDonald, author of "Raw Art Journaling" and "Inner Hero Creative Art Journal"
Tonia has been my guide (editor) for both my books. She is not only thorough and exacting but uniquely creative in her approach. From brainstorming to editing, Tonia knows the ins and outs of the industry and it was quite reassuring to know that she had my back during what could have been an arduous time. I would be honored to work with her again.
— Mary Beth Shaw, author of "Flavor for Mixed Media" and "Stencil Girl"
Tonia Jenny was the editor for my two books published by North Light but she was actually so much more. She was mentor, teacher and guide. She provided candid advice in a supportive way and led me through a process that could be challenging, confusing, and at times daunting. Writing a book is a very personal and intimate experience and having somebody as intelligent, experienced, open, generous and just plain wise as Tonia made all the difference. She is keenly knowledgeable about every aspect of publishing, from editing, to writing style, to layout, to promotion. And more than that, she generously shares her knowledge in a direct, clear and helpful manner. I truly feel that my books would not be the same without her.
— Seth Apter, author of "The Pulse of Mixed Media" and "The Mixed-Media Artist"
Tonia has a gift for transforming your manuscript into a work of art that remains true to your creative vision and voice. Her top-notch communication style made the process easy and enjoyable. I can’t recommend her skills highly enough.
— Susan Tuttle, author of "Art of Everyday Photography" and "Photo Craft"
Tonia Jenny is a wise and wonderful Old Soul. She has an open artist’s heart coupled with a detailed engineering brain. She actually enjoys spending precious brain power and time figuring things out. She’s learned a thing or two (or a thousand) over the years about the functional art making process, which makes her the perfect editor to guide creatives in their deep-held dreams of book publishing. Tonia was my editor, adviser, sounding board, idea-bouncer and gentle nudge-r (is that a word?) from start to finish of my second book. It’s not only in her nature to nurture and help others, it’s in her soul. 
— Jen Cushman, author of "Explore, Create, Resinate" and "Making Metal Jewelry"