At Ease - Selenite

At Ease - Selenite


At Ease candles were created as a companion to prayer during stressful times or as a calming “friend” to enjoy alongside meditation. Soy wax tea light is scented with an orange-evergreen blend to support a calm heart and mind and lessen anxiety.

At Ease - Selenite is 5-1/2” l x 2-1/4” w x 2” h.

This is a tea-light holder (comes with 4 tea lights) that I thought would be fun to add a little pocket to for matches. (A striking strip is on the side.) As you pray or meditate, you can rub this beautiful Selenite “marble” in your hand to focus your intention for calm. Selenite is a gypsum that is said to offer potent healing. It’s used for clearing negative energy and for encouraging clarifying dreams, making this relaxing companion perfect just before bedtime.

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